About Us

After competing on the golf course for over a decade, there’s something about the smell of that freshly cut grass, or that brand new leather glove you opened, that just feels like home. From Dubai to Scotland, the golf scent is always familiar—it doesn’t matter where on the globe you’re teeing it up. As a home-lover and professional golfer, translating that feeling from the golf course into people’s homes is exactly what we aim to provide. Aced It Co started with the simple goal of creating a familiar scent for golf-lovers everywhere, and evolved into a vision of combining all the right aspects into play: a good smell, a stylish look, and something that’s made with quality. 

Aced It Co’s first collection consists of nine scents, each of which have a unique blend of earthy and woodsy smells that feel like you’ve been transported into nature. The journey of candle making wasn’t only about scents, but also about the quality. Made predominantly with coconut wax, which is one of the more eco-friendly ingredients in the candle industry. It provides a smoother consistency that burns cleaner and slower, too, making it longer-lasting. In addition, we also use cotton braided wicks that are more natural. These two components enable us to produce our candles without harsh metals and chemicals. In line with staying committed to sustainability, all of our products are made in small batches, so we’re able to ship fast. But, this more efficient process helps us cut down on overstock that goes bad, and as result, we produce less waste. 

Whether you have someone in your life who is dreaming of their own day at the masters, or you know that person who is always first up at the tee, our candles are made for golf-lovers, even if that is yourself. As they say, if you look good, you feel good, you play good. We believe, if you smell good, it adds a certain je ne c’est quoi.